Forex is not too tough or is it the Woman who is stronger?

The answer is both!

The Financial world is crowded with men, but amidst them are a few women who stand out. It is true that they have had a hard time all along the journey – faced with discrimination, discouragement, and sometimes even arrogance. But these women did not quit. They had a strong determination and conviction to achieve success.

“With the right kind of coaching and determination, you can accomplish anything.” These were the words of Reese Witherspoon, a famous American actress, producer, and entrepreneur; a successful woman in another male-dominated industry. Women who have reached the pinnacle of their profession have validated this statement. With several tutorial videos, free seminar, webinars, Forex experts and the demo account, learning Forex is much easier than before.

Here are some of the most recognizable faces of women that shine in the world of Forex

ingeborg mootz-women in forex

Ingeborg Mootz

Renowned as the “million-dollar granny”, she discovered her skill at trading when she was 83. By the age of 93, she not only had millions in her account but also had written a book. She truly proves that age is never a barrier to learn and master a skill.

abigail johnson-women in Forex

Abigail Johnson

Being in the financial services business for years and running one, Abigail Johnson, Chairman and CEO of Fidelity Investments is one tough nut. She was determined to build a successful career and clearly knew the best – to trust her own instincts. She sure has not been wrong!

linda bradford raschke-women in Forex

Linda Bradford Raschke

Being a professional trader for 23 years, Linda Bradford Raschke has faced several successes and failures and has gone through times of content and frustration. If she teaches us one thing, it is that the best thing to do to stay ahead of the game is to stay in the game.

kiana danial-women in Forex

Kiana Danial

An award-winning, world-renowned Forex and wealth management expert, Kiana Danial has already achieved so much at her young age. With her expertise in Forex and the financial sector, she aims to empower women by encouraging them to earn through investment.

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