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Trust Capital recognizes the capabilities of a woman and understands that women empowerment is not a short-term movement, but a process that is complete when every woman around the globe is uplifted, given power and seen as equal to men. Trust Capital clearly understands that women empowerment does not happen in big speeches at grand events. It should happen between people, in every home, school, and workplace.

As pioneers of Forex and with many leading women as pillars of our growth we are debunking the myth that ‘Forex is not a woman-friendly area’. With “Trade Like A Woman”, Trust Capital supports the women empowerment program by spreading far and wide the message – ‘she can’.

Well, we all have dreams. Don’t we? When we dream, what is it that we dream of ourselves about? Is it about conquering and reaching on top or being equal to someone else?

All of us dream of reaching on top or finishing first. It is indeed those people who did not forget to dream big that made all the difference.

The financial and business sectors were two major fields that were considered to be male-dominated. Data from previous years and researches show that woman are excelling – setting up and running companies, and juggling with money quite smoothly!

Let’s take a look at the statistics from the business sector:

  • Looking at the business organizations set up and run around the world, woman-owned business account for nearly 30%
  • It was seen that one in five firms that produced revenues 1 million or above was woman-owned businesses
  • Between the years 2007 and 2012, during the economic downturn, the woman’s overall share of businesses owned remained stable
  • Researchers suggest that the predicted 5 to 5.5 million new female-owned businesses would generate more than 9.72 million new small job opportunities in the year 2018
  • Studies show that 40% of all households had woman as their sole source of income

Now for the biggest and most significant fact!

Even with so much involvement in the business sector, woman traders worldwide account for only 10.9%.

So, why is this figure so small? Here are a few reasons:

    • Lack of mentors and role models: Mentors and role models often inspire and guide people to venture and try out new things; in this case Forex trading. When we look at the scenario here, it is not the lack of successful female Forex traders but, the lack of knowledge about them. If we take a look at the successful women listed out does it make the figure 10.9? It does not. Therefore, it is high time that we recognized the bold and beautiful faces reaping success in online Forex trading.
    • Lack of encouragement: Among a large population, women are still considered the best for running houses. True that they should not just be left at doing that! Family members – the mother, father, and husband, all should encourage her when she plans to venture into something new. Online Forex trading has a wide scope for providing one a good income within the comforts of their home.
    • Lack of proper marketing: It is true. Even with all the marketing strategies, the word about Forex trading has not got out to many. There are still a vast majority of women who do not know or have not even heard about Forex trading and its possibilities as an income source while at home. This is where Trust Capital’s “Trade Like a Woman” campaign plays a significant role. The campaign is aimed at spreading the word about online Forex trading to the vast majority of women all around the world. It is to inspire, educate and empower them to take on the world of online Forex trading.

From a sample of about 500 K portfolios, carefully selected and studied by German Comdirect Bank and the DAB, it was found out that women on an average performed 4% to 6% better than men. The studies were conducted during the years 2007 and 2008 (the year of a great crisis). Though women may not give sudden and swift wins, she tends to shine and perform better in the financial sector. Over the years, with careful planning and a successful strategy, she is sure to give consistent, huge successes.

We, at Trust Capital aim to provide and offer the best services to encourage the rise of a female trader with our campaign – “Trade Like a Woman”.  We have a dedicated team of experts who conduct free seminars for traders at different levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced), excellent support staff, e-books, tutorial videos and a demo account facility with a free virtual 100,000$ to practice trading before venturing onto the live online trading.


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