The story of hedge fund billionaire – David Einhorn

An American investor and hedge fund manager, David Einhorn is the 44th youngest on the Forbes 400 and the 18th highest-earning hedge fund manager in the world.

His father was an i-banker. He was passionate to get a job on Wall Street, but couldn’t get one. But with strong determination, persistence and patience, his father succeeded on his own. He was David’s role model.

In 1991, David graduated from Cornell University. He then searched for job offers, in the CIA. In the beginning, he was mostly interested in politics. Therefore, before getting a job, he joined as an intern in the Economic Analysis office.  He understood the real struggles and challenges of policymakers to keep up the monopolies of the airline industry. Later on, he decided to work for DLJ, a small investment bank. He spent 2 years there, but he was very unhappy.

Later on, he got a job at value hedge fund – Siegler, Collery & Co (SC). It was from here that he learnt a lot about the financial market. He was an investment analyst who was also well-known as a portfolio manager. He polished his strategies, accounting methods and increased the ambiguities. He resigned and in 1996, started his own hedge fund – Greenlight Capital with his colleague, Jeff Keswin who was another analyst by moving to New York.  Today the firm manages over $10 billion which generates a very high net return.

‘Fooling Some of the People All of the Time, A Long Short Story’ is one of the most famous books written by David Einhorn.

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