Edward Arthur Seykota – a leader of system trading

Ed is renowned as the most successful automated traders in the world. He is a self-taught trader who had started his trading career in 1972. Influenced by Richard Donchian, and Amos Hostetter, this Dutch trader had traced the best ways to learn the trading paths and achieved success in an early stage. After developing a strong talent in trading, he started working at a brokerage firm. He was then hired by a major broker.

Later on, he developed an electronic trading system which cemented his name in the history of the financial market.  He began to manage his clients account and ventured out with his own account. He enhanced his trading system, which later got adapted by the brokerage house for which Ed had been working.

In just 12 years, he increased one of his client’s accounts from $5,000 to $15,000,000. Being a top trader, he served as a mentor and even guided a few great traders. His trading system is stamped as one of the best-suited systems to generate trading signals. 

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