Successful Female Forex Traders – Lydia Idem Finkley

Educational Qualification:

  • Master of Science in Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Success is not something that is achieved overnight. It is the end fruit produced by days and years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. But this is not something which certain people are born to do. It is a choice.

Lydia Idem Finkley’s life proves just the same! Her hard work and determination have made her one of the most successful female Forex traders.

Lidiya is an expert in the field; she has been investing in Equities for the past 21 years and is active in currency trading for 11 years. Her favourite currency pairs for Forex trading involves around GBP, and so she frequently trades the pairs, $EURGBP, and $GBPUSD.

Her success quickly made her a celebrity and she appeared on many radio shows. Few famous ones include Euodoo Radio, FX Street’s Live Analysis Room and Benzinga’s #PreMarket Prep Show. She was also featured in the Forbes magazine and CNN Money. She has also shared her knowledge of the book: The StockTwits Edge and Trading: The Best of The Best, which she co-authored.

To support and encourage more people to become smart investors, she launched the FM Capital Group, a registered advisory firm in 2014. She was named #22 among the Twitter Accounts which Investors Need to Follow recently in 2017. She was also listed as #3 among the Top 10 Women to follow in finance in 2015.

She has always been supportive of more women emerging into the field and in an interview she gave out the following message to women all around the globe:

As traders, the qualities looked for within each of them is their knowledge on their system; someone who really knows the markets. Respect comes second. So what she really says is that one should embrace her uniqueness as a woman; embrace how she looks at the markets and put it out fearlessly. If she is right, she is right and if she is wrong, she is wrong. The market will tell the story. She does not need the opinions of the others.

So like how Lydia explains, put out what you have got into Forex trading and strive to succeed. Time will prove that you are right and your efforts will help you earn. Start today with a demo account.

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