Millionaire Forex Traders – The Story of Yukiko Ikebe

Yukiko Ikebe was one of those housewives who led a very normal life until she became involved with the financial sector and rose up to earning millions with Forex trading. She is one of the few female millionaire Forex traders who struggled and rose up to success during a time when the men ruled the area.

Mrs. Ikebe led an ordinary life as a teacher, teaching about Ikabana flower arrangements till the beginning of the 1980s when one of her friends; a stockbroker, asked her for help. Her friend required to sell some shares to meet the amount her company had set before her. So Mrs. Ikebe sold a few shares to her. Thus, Mrs. Ikebe, with no previous experience in the financial sector got involved with trading. She wanted to learn more about trading and so started going for some classes to learn more about stock trading.

After a few years, the Japanese stock market faced a hit and so Mrs. Ikebe turned to commodity trading. She started taking lessons for the same but her teacher passed away soon and around the same time, she faced her first loss – one million Yen to be exact! That’s the very first moment when she definitely needed and decided to learn to trade. Then she became more focused and found time between her teaching classes and family life to learn about trading.

And while I did house things, teaching flower arrangement, I studied every night from about 10 pm to 4 am,” says Mrs. Ikebe.

All of this was before computers were available to read charts. So, she taught herself how to draw charts and also how to develop them based on the different events in the financial market. She married a stockbroker and continued trading commodities.

I will fix a time and will trade only within that timeframe. The other times I will spend doing my chore and playing with my son.” – Mrs. Yukiko Ikebe

It was during the year, 2000 that Forex trading became available in Japan and she started trading currencies.

At the age of 60, she made around 800 million Yen from Forex trading and stands out among the top Millionaire Forex Traders.

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