Legends of trading – Philip Arthur Fisher

Philip Arthur Fisher is a well-known American stock investor who began his career when he dropped out from Stanford Graduate School of Business for a job in 1928. He started working with the Anglo-London Bank in San Francisco and studied about the financial market. Before starting his own company, he resigned from Anglo-London Bank and joined a small stock exchange firm to understand more about the trading industry.

In 1931, he started his own money management company, Fisher & Co. He made higher investment gains for his clients until he retired at the age of 91. During his career, with his research, development and specializations in innovative businesses, he started Silicon Valley and began funding for companies. Later on in 1958, he published his 1st book, “Common stocks and uncommon profits” which made him quite famous.

One of his best investments was buying Motorola. “Scuttlebutt” was the name of the tool he was used to search for more details about a company. Scuttlebutt means a kind of gossip which provides quality information when the smart investors are gathered to share the research, analysis and results. This tool is continued to be used till date by Ted and Todd at Berkshire Hathaway.

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