Female Success Stories – Sujata Burla, an incredible human being with an extraordinary will power

Born – 1980 in Berampalli, Andhra Pradesh state of India

We all have heard the proverb: “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Sujata Burla’s story is a solid proof to this. A young girl; full of vigour, with a passion for photography. At the age of 18, she started showing signs of becoming a renowned photographer. But little did she know that destiny had laid down a different path for her!

June 9, 2001, was a fateful day that turned her life upside down. Sujata was on a pilgrimage tour to Shirdi along with a few friends when the vehicle she traveled met with an accident. She suffered a serious spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed below the neck. Months passed by with treatments from several doctors in various hospitals. But none of them could assure her that she would walk again.

It was then that life taught her some of the most valuable lessons on who was real and who was not. Though bed-ridden, with the wheelchair being her only best friend, she pledged not to be a burden for her loved ones. She was determined to find a new passion; one that would help her become independent despite her condition.

Her first venture was as a textile entrepreneur. Getting help from her sister who was a fashion designer, she set up her own textile business. But her inability to walk around and monitor the business in-person was exploited by the workforce, and so the business ended up being a loss.

It was then that her friends suggested stock market trading. She started her journey with trading in the year 2004. It was initially difficult for her, ranging from the anxiety of exploring unfamiliar territory to her inability to handle a laptop, which she gradually became an expert at. “I made mistakes initially, but then I learnt. The most important thing in investing is to revisit your wrong trades.” – Sujata recalls.

Starting out by investing only 15 lakh rupees (approximately 23,000 USD adjusted for inflation), Sujata makes around 3 crores per month (approximately 4,50,000 USD). She even runs her own NGO called “Shradha”, is a successful anchor and also a motivational speaker. Her story is an inspiration for many. It sends across a strong message that all one needs in the sheer will to achieve a goal. If a person with such physical disability can achieve so much, imagine how much more each of us can do!

Today is always a good day to start. So start now!

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