Female Success Story: Tracy Britt Cool

The press points out that Tracy Britt Cool is the successor to Warren Buffett, whom Forbes has listed as the third richest man on the planet. How did the ordinary Tracy who worked in her parent’s firm by growing flowers and vegetables grow to become what she is today? Undoubtedly we can say that it was because of her hard work and determination.

Tracy Britt Cool led an ordinary life helping her parents with farming. “At around 10 years of age, I had my own farmer’s market stand,” says Cool. She quickly understood that she had a taste for doing business when she converted her farmer’s market stand into a successful one. It was she who hired her friends to help her, set their wages and also set the prices of fruits and vegetables. She enjoyed doing business and took with her the knowledge she had acquired to Harvard where she studied Economics and later MBA.

While she was a student at Harvard Business School, Cool was given an assignment which asked her to imagine where she would be in ten years. Her answer was: “My goal is to work with a great investor; who even more importantly is a wonderful teacher and mentor.

Her answer was scorned by her classmate. But later on, it became true. In 2006, Cool met with Buffett. She had reached out to Buffet through an organization which she had co-founded called the Smart Women Securities and Buffet agreed to meet with her. Buffet quickly liked her since she preferred simple and the old-timed stocks over the latest technologies; which was something even Buffet preferred.

Later on, after graduating from Harvard Business School in 2009, she reached out to Buffet again. This time, though he did not have any positions open for her, yet, he invited her to Omaha. They met for lunch. When she arrived, she presented Buffet with some of the fresh produce from her farm. Buffet was again impressed with her simplicity. Very soon he offered her a role to work as his financial assistant. Being in this role, she accompanied Buffet to his meetings, sometimes drove him around and also performed financial research, along with other tasks at hand. Five years later she was named the CEO of Pampered Chef.

Today, she is involved with the other Berkshire Hathaway enterprises, sits on the board of Kraft Heinz Company, and is a chairman for Oriental Trading Company, Benjamin Moore and Larson-Juhl. Recently she was also appointed as a member of the board of directors of Blue Apron, a meal kit service provider.

Like Tracy Britt, there are several other women who have also made their mark in the financial world which, so long have been dominated by the presence of men. Some of these incredible women include Sallie Krawcheck, Jennifer Fan, Lauren Oplinger, Nelisiwe Masango, etc. One thing which all these women had in common was a strong will and a goal. They strived hard to achieve success in the financial world. If they can, then you can too! We’ll help you achieve your financial goals through Forex trading. Sign up for a Demo Account today. For more details, visit: https://trustcapital.com/trade_like_woman/

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