Female Success Story – Jennifer Fan

We have seen the stories of women who fought their way up in the financial world during a time when men ruled it; or those with disabilities who worked their way to success. But unlike them, Jennifer Fan has nothing to be noticed about. But the point which often strikes one is the fact that she started building her career in the financial industry when she was only 19!

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Jennifer moved to Manhattan when she was 16 to pursue her higher education at New York University. Three years later, she graduated with a double major in finance and statistics. Then at the age of 19, began building the foundation for her career by joining the Bank of America as an intern. Later, she joined Morgan Stanley as an analyst. Then she joined Global Liquids Group as a trader. It was here that she earned the reputation for being able to trade anything. It was for this quality of hers that she was named the Hedge Fund Rising Star in June 2011 by Institutional Investor.

Her life on being one of the youngest Hedge Fund Managers:

In 2009, Jennifer joined Arrowhawk Capital Management. Within a very short period of time, she was able to raise her ranks to become a partner and thereafter, a portfolio manager.

In 2012, when Arrowhawk Capital Management closed, she started her own fund, Arbalet Capital. A few employees from Arrowhawk and some previous investors followed her out on her venture.

Though successful, Arbalet gave slow returns and the fund’s performance was not something which could be called ideal. One of the big issues which Fan and Arbalet faced was exiting investors.

When Arbalet’s performance was at its peak, it had close to $700 million capital to work with. And at 29 years of age, in 2012, Forbes included her in the Forbes Financial section: 30 under 30.

Despite Arbalet’s struggles recently, Jennifer Fan has clearly achieved a great deal in the financial world. Considering her age, she sure has a long way to go and even greater things to achieve.

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