Female Success Stories – Kathryn Cicoletti

If you held a job that assured you over half a million dollars every year, would you quit it to pursue your dream; venture out to start something on your own? Well, that is exactly what Kathryn Cicoletti did.

Living in southern California, Cicoletti did not have any out of the ordinary experiences. She had much of the ordinary life and was raised by her parents who believed in the importance of becoming financially self-sufficient. For her sophomore year, she applied to study abroad in Spain. But before she was to be accepted there she had to declare a major, for which she had no idea on what to choose. It was her parents who suggested business.

In 1999, after she had completed her education, she got a job in the financial sector, at a hedge fund research company in San Francesco.  In 2001, the company went out of its business and she lost her job. But she soon got a job as an Analyst at Julius Baer Group, and so by the age of 26, Cicoletti, became the youngest senior research Analyst on her team. But two years later she started feeling bored with the job and wanted to take on a job role that followed a merit-based pay. So she gave her notice but the management placed in front of her an interesting offer which she accepted.

She continued to be hugely successful in it too and finally became bored with it. Craving to reconnect with herself, she started a personal blog – Kathryn’s Conversations, where she talked about the various topics that were of interest to her. She was well aware that gaining income from her personal blog was not that easy.

One day while at her hair salon, she began speaking with a fellow customer who mentioned to being a brand consultant. She asked Cicoletti all about herself and later spent 15 coaching sessions with her. The result was MakinSense Babe, a video-driven website that translates financial news and investment advice into a language that everyone can easily understand. All along her career in the financial sector, she believed that financial news and advice need not be rough and tough. Therefore, through MakinSense Babe, she combined her storytelling skills and wit to simplify them and present them to all those who were not the “Wall Street people”.

Finally, in May 2013, she left her job despite the management offering a one-year sabbatical and concentrated full-time on MakinSense Babe.

Cicoletti was determined to pursue her dream, and so for the same reason, she left her job that offered her financial security. It is the same way that every successful person is born; they follow their dreams and passions.



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