Female Success Stories – Ingeborg Mootz, the Million Dollar Granny

Born – 1922 in Giessen, Germany

Her story is one that inspires and will continue to inspire many in the years to come. With no educational background in the financial sector or prior experience, Ingeborg Mootz rose to be one of the richest women of her age. Let’s find out how she achieved so much.

Born to a poor couple, Mootz was one of many children. Being poor, she suffered deprivation at a very young age. At the age of 17, she was married to a miserly man who refused to let Mootz work despite the poor economic conditions they faced.

“If you do not allow me to work, I will trade on the stock market!” she once told her husband. But being an ideal wife with the virtues of patience and a down to earth character, Mootz stayed serving her husband till the final days of his life.

When her husband died, Mootz found herself in a very difficult position; her only income was the small pension. This is when she decided she had to try out something to make a better income to raise her family. Before her husband’s final days, he had bought some papers whose value was around forty thousand marks from the German concert “VEBA”. Mootz took these papers and tried her hand at the stock market, and the result was a huge SUCCESS!

She started out at the age of 75 and by the time she was 83, she had already become one among the richest woman and earned herself the nickname – “the million Dollar granny”. Her strategy was simple: buy low. Sell high.

Mootz is a fine example that proves entering the financial market has no age limits or a definite time as such. You start today, right now when you’ve known about it.

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