Female Success Stories – Geraldine Weiss

Born – 1926 in San Francisco

Education – the University of California, Berkeley (1945)

During early 1960, Weiss became interested in investing and acquired knowledge about the field by doing night classes, reading every book she could find on the subject and also by listening to her parents’ conversation. Despite her knowledge and passion, she was never offered a job role higher than a secretary by most investment firms. “It was a man’s world, and women need not apply,” she recalls.

Being rejected, she decided to start out on her own. In 1966, at the age of 40 Weiss began the financial newsletter – Investment Quarterly Trends. Here too she faced discouragement. “I can’t imagine myself ever taking investment advice from a woman. Unless you take your advice from a man.” – read a response to her newsletter advertisements.

In order to put an end to this discrimination, she started out sending the newsletters under the name “G. Weiss”. It was only during the mid-1970s that she revealed her true identity after her venture received a consistent success.

Weiss’s strategy outperformed the rest that was recommended by other newsletters and has helped achieve above-average returns even in poor market conditions. She published her newsletter successfully for a good time period of a long 37 years until she finally retired in 2003.

Even today, the newsletter still follows Weiss’s strategy and is able to perform well and return success consistently.

Geraldine Weiss is a true example and her story provides the highest motivation. If she could achieve so much at that time, today, when the situation is much different you can achieve so much! So start today. Learn Forex Trading and make a big difference in this small world by converting your time and knowledge into skills that can help you earn.


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