Female Success Stories – Barbara Friedberg

Education: MBA, MS

Barbara Friedberg has one of those humblest beginnings. She was born to a couple who lived their lives in poverty and so knew the value of every penny they got. The way they raised themselves up to have income and savings all along inspired and taught her the most valuable lessons in financing. She has ever been careful to abide them while teaching the others around her everything she learned.

Her story begins with that of her parents. Her dad knew what extreme poverty was – his dad was unemployed for nearly 6 to 7 years and his mother was a street vendor. Her mother, though she was not born into a wealthy family, she knew how to save well on the little income earned. Together they were determined to earn and save.

Carrying on multiple works and being entrepreneurs themselves, they had a very fluctuating income. Yet, they learned how to save from them. Save a portion of each of your income, look out for better opportunities to earn and don’t spend the money that which you do not have, were all some of the most valuable lessons she learned from her parents.

Barbara Friedberg is a former investment portfolio manager and also an expert investor. She has shared her knowledge through her books: Personal Finance, How to Get Rich; Without Winning the Lottery and An Encyclopedia of Modern Money Management. She is also a former university Finance and Investment instructor and has been a publisher of Robo Advisor Pros. and Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.com. Several of her works have been featured in Yahoo! Finance, Investopedia, InvestorPlace, U.S. News & World Report, etc.

According to Barbara Friedberg, wealth begins with saving, and after saving comes investing. According to her, an individual can decide the direction of his or her future regardless of what is their current financial stage. Those who give a thought to save early, create for themselves an opportunity for better financial stability and freedom later on. Forex trading is an excellent choice. Learn today. Start tomorrow. Earn and save for tomorrow!

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