Female Forex Traders Success Stories: Michele Koenig

It is very true that you will only do what you love. If you are truly determined to achieve something, then no matter what, you will work hard to achieve it. That is what happened with Michele Koenig. She didn’t have any mentor to guide her through while she began learning about trading and also when she was an aspiring trader.

Michele got interested in the markets during her days at Montana State University, from where she graduated with a degree in Finance.

She ventured into trading, full-time in 2001. Her trading strategies then included swing and day trading; with more emphasis given on swing trading. It was her passion to succeed in trading that got her to become a pro trader. She learned with each trade she made from the beginning; from all the successful ones and the unsuccessful ones. Looking back she feels that is she had a mentor or a guide to help; she could have found her path to success sooner. Drawing inspiration from this, she began with TradeontheFly.

Michele started TradeontheFly in 2012. Her aim was to help all traders of all levels achieve their goal of becoming a successful trader. Her DVD, “The Basics of Swing Trading using Technical Analysis” covers all the topics that will help one build a strong foundation in trading. Apart from the DVDs, Michele also conducts shows that give a trader an insight into how she incorporates technical analysis into her own trading strategy. There are also monthly webinars held, which members can access at their convenience.

Michele was also one among the founding directors of Traders4ACause. She was a member of its board of directors for 3 years, spoke at its event and was also interviewed by ExceptionalTrader and Chat With Traders.

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