Blindness was not a barrier for Vishal Agarwal

Vishal Agarwal is a Forex Trader who is living his dreams beyond his visual impairment. In 2004, he was diagnosed with ‘retinitis pigmentosa’ that eventually took away his sight. During this time he was preparing to leave for an undergraduate study in the U.S. Due to this disease he was unable to go and so, he settled for studying accounting near his home at Mumbai.

After his graduation, he planned to take up his father’s job, which was diamond trading. He started to read immensely via Kindle. He learned about financial markets and the related technologies.

But when he tried to get a job in trading firms and brokerages, he found that no such firms were willing to hire a blind man. He then collected about $100000 from close friends and started trading using his own strategies. Later on, he returned the money, made about 400 per cent return and took an MBA in Finance.

In the global market, most traders watch their trading screens without even blinking their eyes. While, Vishal Agarwal reaches his FX trading desk with the help his white stick and listens to forex signals, movements and updates on the trading terminal with the help of a voice-recognition system which is kept safe in his left ear.

Today’s innovation is vast and there are no barriers to trade. The emerging technologies are paving ways to simplify trading, so much that a person with visual impairment now finds it easy to trade. Vishal Agarwal hears the movements and makes trades.

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